You will need:

– Lots of rubber ducks

– Waterproof pen

– Whistle

– A river/stream with a marked out start and finish line

– A net to catch the ducks at the end

– Some volunteers

– A pot to collect the money

How it works:

  1. First, collect all your rubber ducks and number them on the bottom with the waterproof pen. This will allow you to keep a record of which ducks have been sponsored by who. You will also need to create a spreadsheet to write down the names and contact details of people who have sponsored ducks.

  2. Mark out the start and finish line of the race and place a large net at each end. This will allow you to hold the ducks back at the start, ready for when the race begins as well as allowing you to collect them at the end.

  3. Once everyone who wants to sponsor a duck has done so, place the ducks at the start line and make sure everyone knows the race is about to begin.

  4. With two people holding the first net at the start line, start a count down and blow a whistle at the end. This will signal the net to be lifted out of the river/stream and the race will begin!

  5. As the ducks flow down the river/stream, people may walk down with them and you may want some volunteers to push ducks back into the race if they get caught in reeds/plantation.

  6. Like any race, the first duck to cross the finish line wins! Make sure you have someone ready to pick them up quickly as many ducks could cross the finish line at the same time and you don’t want to get confused with which duck was first.

Additional ways to raise money:

As well as having people pay to sponsor the ducks, you could also suggest other ways to raise money such as:

– Guess how many ducks were sponsored

– Serve drinks/food as running after floating ducks can be hard work

– Design a duck. Allow people to pay to colour their ducks in to make them stand out


Being by a river/stream can be dangerous. Make sure there are plenty of people around to keep people safe and make them aware of the river edges. You wouldn’t want people floating with the ducks as well!