It’s okay to change your plans

Mud & Worms

Some of you will have read that I used to have a sweets business. The press always talk about this but the truth is, it only lasted for a few weeks!

I thought it would be fun to create different jars of sweets. I bought the sweets and the jars and then created mixes. I had mud and worms, aliens and other crazy themes.

It was great fun until I started to get lots of orders. A few problems started to arise:

  • I realised that I needed a health and hygiene certificate to be handling food.
  • It was talking a long time to make up the jars.
  • I had to list all the ingredient of every single sweet and do a correct label (really important for allergies).

What started as fun was turning into a really complicated thing. Then I started getting comments on social media that a child shouldn’t be promoting sweets. It was then that I realised my business needed to change.

As I have said in my book, I had a story in my mind about a mouse and an owl running my sweet shop. I wrote this down and turned it in to a book, stopped the sweets and the rest is history.

Don’t be afraid to start one thing and then go on to another. There is no point working hard on something that you know won’t work. People might say you are not focusing and why do you keep hopping from one thing to another but if you have good reasons to change, ignore them.

It might be that the real business will emerge from another idea. Look at was originally created to be a medicine!