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Callum icodeRobots

Name: Callum Daniel

Business: icodeRobots

Age: 9 years

1. Tell me a bit about your business?

iCodeRobots, aims to inspire other children to learn about robotics, we run classes teaching children how to build and programme robots.  I employ robotic students from universities and colleges. Cool people who pass their knowledge on to the children.

Loughborough University London sponsored us with an amazing space, where children can explore and learn in a safe, secure and stimulating environment.

2. What made you decide to start?

I developed a fascination with robots at 4 years of age, when I met Titan the Robot. I wanted to find out how Titan worked and if I could build something as awesome. For Christmas my mum bought me a Meccanoid G15 KS personal robot, which took me 4 weeks to build. I travelled with Meccanoid and built it everywhere I went, with the help of enthusiastic children in the local community.

The interest from children everywhere was surprising. I was surrounded by groups of children who, like myself, enjoyed building robots. I asked my Mum to enrol me on a robotic course, but couldn’t find one local to us, so I decided to set up my own company.

3. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced whilst running your business?

Nothing specific but making my classes accessible for everyone who has an interest is really important to me. Prices are as low as I can make them but I want to generate funding for those who can’t pay at all. Every child should have a chance to experience amazing things. So I need to figure out how best to approach this.

4. Is there one particular lesson you’ve learnt whilst running your business?

Always time how long it takes me to build and code a particular model before using it for a class, then add 30 minutes leeway. Otherwise class can really run overtime!

When buying off the shelf robotic courses, still don’t trust their timings!

icodeRobots lesson

5. Who/What is your biggest inspiration?

There are so many…

The paraolympic team I met at 3 years old had a massive impact on me. I didn’t understand disability really and as far as I was and still am concerned they are super heroes. They took the time to show me their legs, arms, amazing robotics and I wouldn’t leave them alone. I would love to build bionic arms and legs, seeing people with them just blows my mind. For years, I was upset because I couldn’t’ have one – bionic legs…so cool.

Tilly Lockey @givetillyahand is seriously phenomenal. She raises awareness of Meningitis and works as an ambassador for @openbionics. She is so brave and kicks butt with her bionic arms. I would love us to build something together.

CJ UJAH Team GB athletic –he works so hard and is fast. Sometimes I watch him explode on the track. Super cool but I must beat your time when I’m older. Maybe he can coach me.

Shuri – ok she’s fictional but I’d love to work in Wakanda with her. I’m met a few mini Shuri’s recently and she inspires me and reminds me to keep encouraging girls in tech.

I feel like I have so many role models and inspirational people to learn from – John Boyega, Sam Humprey, Damon idris, Elon Musk, Stephen Hawkins and my staff who listen to me but teach and help me all the time.

6. What’s the best part about running your business?

I love working, it’s really fun! I have the best job in the world building and coding robots with awesome, children who are happy to get the experience. I find each week exciting and never get bored. The best part about running my business is I get to do what I love every day.

I also love when everyone realises I’m the CEO of people that are older and taller than me. It’s so funny when they realise I’m actually a serious and hard-working boss who makes the final decisions. My team is awesome.

Callum icodeRobots class

7. Describe your average day?

I wake up around 6.30am and have a green juice. Get back in bed and do some research on YouTube about whatever I’m interested in. Play a sneaky game on my phone then jump in the shower. At breakfast I do some quick online maths and check my business emails.

I set my project table up for the evening so I don’t lose any time and have a quick jump on the trampoline then get in the car. On the way to school I do more research or ask my mum a load of questions which she tells me to google!

Some mornings I have Martial Arts so timetable changes. After school I either go to Ice Hockey, Athletics, then build something, prepare for my robotics classes, film YouTube videos, attend events.

At bed time I usually read or look at something scientific or completely funny on YouTube. Sleeping actually wastes my time but for now I have to.

8. What do you want when you’re older?

A robotic engineer, pianist, WWE wrestler, Ice Hockey Player, Athlete – 200m world Champion and business owner. Then I can write books, comics and make YouTube videos about it all.