Schools get involved

Henry school visits

Henry is delighted to speak at schools throughout the UK. 

There are 3 ways that your school can get involved:

1. Author visit:

Henry can talk about his new book Young & Mighty and then hold a Q&A session, followed by book signing session.

Books on sale for £10.00. For the younger pupils he can read his story book The Adventures of Sherb & Pip and sell/sign copies £10.00. Travel expenses would be charged.

2. Workshops:

Henry can run half day practical workshops for the pupils. Speaker fee would apply depending on what is required.

3. Get Mighty! Run our Get Mighty competition at your school:

This annual Dragons Den style format, encourages pupils to think of a business idea, design a pitch and present to their teachers. Each age section will win FREE membership for a year, to the Young & Mighty online academy.

Schools will be sent Posters, entry forms and certificates (electronic copies to print).

Henry’s visit to St Teresa’s School inspired all the children. Year Six, in particular, were fascinated by his entrepreneurial skills as they are in the middle of creating and developing their own business plans.  Henry was truly inspiring!  The children really picked up on the resilience he has needed and that supported our own ethos brilliantly. Jane Draper, Joint Head Teacher, St Teresa’s School, Buckinghamshire

More information, testimonials and videos can be seen here

FAQ on Author Tours

1. How many people does Henry prefer to speak to?

Henry doesn’t mind at all. It really depends on how interactive you would like the session to be. A small group can have a far better question and answer session, with more dialogue for everyone. An assembly is a little more formal but Henry can do a longer presentation and is still happy to take questions at the end.

2. Would a projector/laptop/microphone be required?

Henrys story works best with a projector as there are lots of visuals. However, if it is in a library, with no tech, he can use his book as reference.  A microphone is good in an assembly depending on the size of the hall.

3. Can Henry bring his books to sign and sell on the day? 

Yes of course. He can offer a small discount and sell them for £10. He can also bring his story book with him ‘Pip Gets A Job’ if he is speaking to children 4,5,6 years old.

4. Which age group and type of student would most benefit from the visit?

Henry has spoken to all ages. He has done school visits where he speaks to each year group. This has started with children 5-6 yrs. With this age he chats about how he wrote his story book, introduces the characters and reads the story book. With older children he can chat about fund raising ideas, how to double your pocket money, his story and lessons he has learnt. This can be adapted depending on the age and length of the session.

5. When is Henry available? 

He is very flexible as his school encourages him to do school visits.

For more details on any of the above please contact:">