Course 1: Turn Your Idea into a Thing

Who is it for?  Do you have an idea that you think could be a business but are not 100% sure? Perhaps you have a hobby or something you love doing and would like to explore how you could turn it into a way to get some extra money? This course will help you explore whether your idea has the X factor. It doesn’t have to get the golden buzzer, but before you spend lots of time developing it Henry will help you discover if it is worth it.


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Past experience: All you need is an idea or two!

Week 1

What are you selling?

How to find out if people will want your product or service

Week 2

How to find out who your customers are

How to find out where they are

Week 3

How easy will it be to sell your product or service?

What will people will pay for your product or service?

How to identify your competitors

Week 4

Making sure the business idea will work with your weekly routine

Exploring how much money you will need to set it up

Length of course: four weeks

Start date: September 2018

How is the course delivered? A combination of videos from Henry and workbooks which will be emailed to you. We send the email every Friday afternoon to give you time to get stuck in over the weekend.

What if I miss a week? Don’t worry – because it is done by email, you can work through the course at your own pace.

What happens when the courses finished: Once you have completed this course, if your idea does have the X factor, then you are ready to start our next course, Build a Business.