Money Is Not The Key To Success

Money is NOT the key to Success. Back in 2010 I was on holiday at Potters Resort and had heard about a fancy dress competition being held one of the nights. I was in it to win it and had a carefully thought out strategy of what I’d be. My heart was set on being an alien but when I opened my mum’s laptop to look at costumes they were all way too expensive for me. I wouldn’t let this stop me so I went into the kitchen, grabbed a colander and some aluminium foil and got to work on making my own alien outfit. When the fancy dress competition finally arrived I won it and was (no pun intended), over the moon!

This proves that you don’t need money to succeed and that when you face a hurdle that you feel will stop you from achieving your dreams, you can always reach for the colander and aluminium foil in the kitchen!