My Method to Destressing your Life as a Teen

I’m currently sat at my desk worrying about homework, Instagram and exams. “Being a teenager is hard”, we’ve all thought it, been told it believed it. However, what I’ve recently realised is that when you have the right mindset, you can destress and de-obsess over all of those important Gen Z issues such as likes, comments, followers and all that follows. I’ve recently come up with a method I like to call ‘APP’. Atmosphere, passions, people. In my opinion, those three things are the most simple, easy way to unwind and destress.

You can’t solve an equation without knowing what the numbers are in it (to be honest, I can’t solve them with the numbers either). This applies to your life too. If you don’t know exactly what’s bothering you then how do you expect to sort it? The only way to go about helping the matter is by properly reflecting and thinking about it. I often write down where I’m at in my life. Simply, projecting any thought I’m possibly thinking onto notes on my phone or the more classic approach of a pen and paper. By doing this I’m staying on top of my feelings and emotions, not letting the negative ones take over or get in the way of my day to day life. This is where ‘APP’ comes in really handy. If I can apply that to my life, then I know that I’ll be in a much better place to change the things that need changing. Starting with ‘atmosphere’.

When talking about atmosphere, I mean your surroundings at home and anywhere you spend a lot of time. When my bedroom’s messy (which trust me, it is… A lot.) I’m not going to feel as comfortable and calm as I would in a tidy, organised environment.

Moving onto ‘passions’. I’ve always said whilst speaking on the topic of work and business that if you don’t have a passion for what you do and love what you do then you won’t succeed. This totally applies to your life as well. If you don’t surround yourself with your passions and the things you love, then the things you enjoy less will seem harder and longer. The most common example is studying. I know a lot of really hard workers, always studying at revising. However, they can often really overwork themselves and get themselves stressed and tense regarding school and exams. That is completely the wrong mindset. You want to have a set amount of time for work and leisure

in your life. Have a nice balance between studying and doing the things you love rather than not living for the months that you’re revising in. It will completely change the way you think.

Finally, there’s ‘people’. The most important thing in my life are the people who I surround myself with, friends and family. These are the people who are going to help you through all of your tough times but congratulate and praise you in the good.