When I met Moonpig

Nick Jenkins, founder of Moonpig.com

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of spending a day with Nick Jenkins, the founder of the fantastic personalised greeting card company Moonpig.com.

I love to hear stories of how ideas were created – it is never as straightforward as it seems.

I had two questions that I was desperate to ask: Why call the company Moonpig and how did they come up with one of the most contagious jingles ever?

Nick is a very gentle and softly spoken man, who is exactly as he appears on Dragons’ Den. I instantly bonded with him as he has a dry sense of humour and is not afraid to give anything a go.

The main thing I got from listening to Nick was that each business must find its tap – the one thing that when you turn it on, customers come flooding out.

Moonpig tried all forms of promotion using social media and Google AdWords but it was not getting enough customers and the company was struggling.

Nick noticed another card company was advertising on TV. He observed them for a few weeks and decided to give the old-fashioned method of TV commercials a try.

He didn’t have a huge budget, so he sat down with his creative team to brainstorm ideas. They realised that there had not been a strong jingle over the past few years and thought this would be the best way to go.

As Nick left the meeting, he said: “How about keeping it simple and just having Moonpig.com?”

The rest is history. I am not sure the last time I heard that jingle but I can sing it (just like the rest of the UK I am sure).

This TV advert was the Moonpig tap and rocketed them to a multimillion pound business.

Oh, and I nearly forgot to tell you how he came up with the name. Moonpig was his nickname at school.

Lessons I learnt from Nick:

  • Find your tap
  • Observe your competitors – you will learn loads, both good and bad
  • The simplest ideas are often the best ones

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