Learning from Instagram

Meeting Mike Krieger

Last year, I met up with Mike Krieger, the co-founder of Instagram.

Because of the nature of his product, I had this impression in my mind that he would be loud and the centre of attention. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Mike is a thinker. Very quiet, calm and unassuming. A really lovely guy.

Just 18 months after launch, Mike and his co-founder Kevin Systrom sold Instagram to Facebook for $1 billion.

They got investment to kick start Instagram but spent very little during the first year, until they knew exactly where their business was going.

They didn’t just spend the investment money because it was there – this is a really important lesson.

I asked Mike what he would tell people of my age, to help them with their new ventures. He said: “Think global.”

Just because you live in Wimbledon, doesn’t mean you can only sell within Wimbledon, or London, or England or Europe. You have the whole world to communicate with and if the product is right, think big, think worldwide!

What I learned from Mike:

  • Think Big – the world has no boundaries
  • Keep things lean – spend as little money as you can., until you establish your direction
  • Be yourself – you don’t have to love the limelight to create a billion dollar company!

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